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Besnowed, Maneus, and Revification are the three books I’ve published since I started being more public about my passion for writing.

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Empathy and sympathy wax and wane when years are counted in millions and thousands. The cusp of a new world order or the first to fall from the heavens, Rhean Eyadu slowly learns how to survive as she's left adrift and alone across the endless sea and atop the highest mountains.

Rhean's modern companions, Dorus Chatahyuk, Othil Utenyest, and Kronates Skia, join her for the journey. More a band of temporarily aligned incentives than true allies, each plays their part as long as they receive something in return.

What awaits in prayer and song is nothing less than salvation. Rhean slowly learns the full price of waging a war to end all wars while wielding her sword, Nox Aeterna.

And in the end, the questions of good and evil mean nothing to the time she spends with fallen comrades.

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Besnowed is a nostalgic novel filled with the warmth of winter. The story and its atmosphere capture the spirit of holidays with love, memories, meals, and snow.

Words Falling Softly:

Swefen Kumri is returning to his hometown, Besniwod, after years of quarantine have kept him and his family stuck in the big city of Veranum. The memories in the frost lead him to begin reliving how he fell in love with his wife, Lumi. From the first tearful train ride into the city to an overdue homecoming with their two kids, Rwen and Zori.

Over the week of celebrations and feasts, Swefen reminisces with friends and family as he tries to learn for himself and show his children what Frithlic Nyun, the biggest holiday of the year, is really all about. With the efforts of continental reforestation changing the climate as fast as the culture, he can't help but worry about how his love could get lost in translation.

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An homage to ancient epics, late night coffee, and chaotic conversations, Maneus is a surreal fantasy novel told in fragments of short lives. A generational curse—generational trauma - moves from family to family, hymn to harmony, father to son.

Whether it's maintaining a simple life in a complex world, or finding meaning in long conversations, each generation finds themselves at the bottom of a cheap cup of coffee at a dirty corner store.

From the corruption of a modern city, unmarked paths across snow capped mountains, and a flight from the distant shores, there's adventure waiting in the drama between destiny and humanity's last hope.

Whatever it takes to take one step further into the chaos.

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A science fantasy story about falling into a wormhole and dealing with psychological trauma. Rather than attempting to describe technology and theories I will never understand, Revification uses the unknown as a way to dive into a surreal realm of nightmares and false memories.

If we were able to successfully create a wormhole, the idea would resemble something like a bridge over extra-dimensional... somethingness. In my story, I ask what would happen if there was a being or an entity waiting in the nothing between our universe and its space-time and an adjacent reality.

This is also my first ever completed NaNoWriMo project. Just over 50,000 words for the month of November. It may still be a bit sloppy, but it has been a fun adventure to work and develop on an idea so quickly. I wasn't sure what to do with the story, but I thought it would be a good exercise to put it up here!

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John M. Bauer

John Bauer spent his youngest years on a farm in the middle of nowhere. His dad was a lawyer for the local tribe and he grew up thinking he would one day raise pigs. After several more moves across countries and continents he ended up leaving that swine fueled dream behind and settling into an apartment just outside Paris. The constant shifting of the Earth has left John with a feeling that nowhere on the planet is truly ever home.

Adrift on that tiresome sea, he found a career in writing for other people and their goals - podcasts, blogs, marketing copy, press releases, vague content creation across the board. Disillusioned, undervalued, overexposed, and anxiety ridden, the emotional toll of every tick and every other tock ate away at that core motivation to see another tomorrow. But John could not stop that undying drive to create, letting passion guide him to a new focus: novels.

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