I am…

An author, a writer, a dreamer, and someone who struggles to say their passions should define them. The hard part of keeping up with posts and content is learning to think of them less as marketing and more as self-expression.

At least that’s what I hope I do here.

An honest look into my process and the whys and hows behind my books.

Because my name is John M. Bauer.

I am words and stories.

That is who I am.

Updates and More

There’s no real set theme or agenda for my posts. I started this as a way to promote my first published novel, Besnowed, but it is now a mix of promotion and semi-philosophical rambling.

Think of it as half behind-the-scenes, half a reminder for when I have a new project in the works.

I would also be greatly appreciative of any support you are willing to offer.

Something to make me more artist than starving!

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I am words and stories.